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Cabaret La Moulin Rouge was first open for public 6 of October 1889. Ever since every Parisian wanted to know only one thing, how to visit The Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge ParisToday everyone who plans to visit Paris wants to know the same, how to visit The Moulin Rouge. This music hall is more than a place of entertainment, it is the symbol of Paris, which absorbed the very spirit of this beautiful city.

Today The Moulin Rouge is not just any cabaret with gambling, shots of banned Absent and gorgeous dancers whom you could invite over... Today The Moulin Rouge is something between elite night club and famous museum that kept the atmosphere of the Past acquired the spirit of Present. This is the place where the world famous cancan was born and still extremely popular. This is the place where you can truly get to know Paris.

There at The Moulin Rouge luxurious performances has been staged for the last 112 years. Presently, The Feerie Show is continuing the cabaret tradition. Feather boas, lumea dresses, pearls, glitz, mind-blowing costumes, amazing decorations and of course, the most beautiful girls - this is the face of La Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge Feerie ShowThis is what one can say: "If you went to Paris and did not visit The Moulin Rouge, you have not been in Paris!"

The tickets to The Moulin Rouge shows are not cheap, nevertheless, auditorium which seats 800 is never empty! One can purchase tickets right on the spot. The cheapest is 110 Euros, for the night show that begins at 11 PM and does not include supper. You can take care of tickets in advance and order them on the official web site of The Moulin Rouge for 105 Euros each. But why spend more if you can spend less? Just like most large shows, The Moulin Rouge partners with reputable discount Internet ticket distributors and clearing houses. Using services of 365tickets you can purchase tickets to The Moulin Rouge shows for as little as 95 Euros, that's much cheaper than on the official web site, isn't it? Most people purchase tickets in well in advance and if you know the dates of your visit, it is a good idea to obtain you passes to one of the The Moulin Rouge show. The more you wait the slimmer grow your chances to buy tickets for less or even see the show!

All you need is a credit card. You can choose to include super, pick date and time. ALL tickets include 1/2 bottle of champagne!

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